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              Group Profile




              Grand New Century Hotel Wuyuan
              Add: No. 8 Wengong North Road, Wuyuan County,
              Shangrao City, Jiangxi, China
              酒店簡介 Hotel Introduction
              1.酒店概述 Hotel Overview
              Invested and built by Jiangxi Xinbang Cultural Tourism Investment & Development Co., Ltd. standard, Grand New Century Hotel Xinbang Wuyuan is entrusted for management to New Century Hotels & Resorts, which is listed the 25rd in the ranking of global hotel groups in terms of scale and is listed into Top 60 China Hotel Groups. With stunningly beautiful villages and charming Wuyuan dominated by tranquility and beautiful scenery, the hospitable New Century people invite you to enjoy a wonderful life with our human nature quality and earnest care.
              Located at No. 8 Wengong North Road(Old Tea Art School), Wuyuan County, Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province, our hotel is about a drive of 8 minutes from the county downtown, a drive of 5 minutes from Wuyuan North Exit, a drive of 15 minutes from Wuyuan Exit, a drive of 10 minutes from Wuyuan Railway Station, a drive of 60 minutes from Jingdezhen Luojia Airport, a drive of 70 minutes from Huangshan Tunxi Airport, a drive of 120 minutes from Shangrao Sanqingshan International Airport and about a drive of 15 minutes from most scenic spots in Wuyuan.
              Standing on the border of Wunv Island, our hotel boasts 322 rooms (suites) of various types. In the luxurious and comfortable guest rooms, one may have a bird’s eye-view of all the beautiful scenery while leaning against the railing. With the leisure and graceful Celebrity Pavilion, the classic and fashionable Mediterranean Western Restaurant, the luxurious and elegant Cookfun Town Boxes, the elegant and quiet lobby bar, the magnificent Xinbang Hall, our hotel boasts the complete and modern conference venues and facilities, nearly 1,100 square meters of banquet halls, 7 meeting rooms of different sizes, 15 luxury boxes of distinctive styles and a total of more than 1,200 seats. Our hotel is equipped with indoor heated swimming pool, fitness center, table tennis room, billiards room, yoga room, children's playground, chess and cards room and other recreation facilities. Inheriting the service promise of “New Century’s Care”, our hotel will bring you the customized sensory experience.
              2.開元客房New Century Rooms
              酒店擁有322間(套)豪華客房, 面積38-197平米不等。每一位賓客可以足不出戶,零距離欣賞怡人的園景與江景。酒店設有單間、標間、套間、行政樓層、無煙客房,為每位商旅客人提供品質服務。所有客房均配置DURAVIT浴具,以及亞洲品牌500強“芝華仕”床,采用五連環合金碳鋼彈簧系統,貼合人體設計,搭配不同功效的枕頭,為您帶來舒適的睡眠體驗,Wi-Fi信號全覆蓋,讓每一位入住賓客都能感受到開元酒店“管家式”服務。
              Our hotel boasts 322 deluxe guest rooms (suites) with the sizes varying from 38 square meters to 197 square meters. Every guest can enjoy the pleasant garden view and river view from zero distance staying in the room. Our hotel is equipped with single rooms, standard rooms, suites, executive floors, and non-smoking rooms to provide quality service for every guest on business or travel. All guest rooms are equipped with DURAVIT bathroom facilities, as well as CHEERS, one of the top 500 Asian brands, which adopts five-ring alloy carbon steel spring system with the design suitable for human body and is matched with pillows of different functions so as to bring you a comfortable sleep experience, and full covering of Wi-Fi signal, so that every guest can experience the “Butler” service of the New Century Hotel.
              3.開元餐飲New Century Catering
              Our hotel has a total of 6 catering areas: Celebrity Residence, Cookfun Town Boxes, Four Seasons Chamber, New Century Banquet Hall, Mediterranean Café, Lobby Bar, with a total of nearly 1,200 seats. The tastes of Zhejiang and Guangdong together with those of Jiangxi and Anhui, plus the New Century Family Feast on the tip of the tongue, tease your taste buds.
              3.1 名仕閣  Celebrity Pavilion
              It is the quiet space created for commercial & social activities and private parties, which integrates catering clubs, high-end salons, lounges and tea ceremony into one body and provides you with customized services.
              3.2 國風堂包廂群 Cookfun Town Boxes
              15 luxurious VIP boxes of distinctive styles are diversified and serve Jiangxi and Anhui cuisines, Hangzhou cuisine, Cantonese cuisine, seafood, bird's nest, abalone, shark's fin and sea cucumber, which will bring you a colorful journey of delicious food.
              3.3四季軒中餐廳Four Seasons Chamber
              The magnificent and graceful Four Seasons Chamber offers you traditional Zhejiang cuisine, Cantonese cuisine, Jiangxi Cuisine and Anhui cuisine, which is a perfect choice for your guests and friends to have a dinner.
              3.4鑫邦宴會廳 Xinbang Hall
              With the column-free banquet hall of 736 square meters, the space of a height of nearly 7 meters and the color LED display of 36 square meters, we can meet all the needs of our guests whether it is the most important wedding ceremony of a lifetime, or an important celebration of success. The luxurious and magnificent banquet facilities, the special menus customized by the famous chefs, and all the more, the senior banquet servicer of New Century will allow guests to enjoy the art of high-quality banquet service.
              3.5地中??Х葟dMediterranean Café
              The stylish and elegant café, in which one may appreciate the scenery during the meal, offers the food of classic flavors and a variety of buffet-themed feasts. The active cosmopolitan atmosphere and healthy cooking ideas will enable the tip of your tongue to have a trip around the world.
              3.6大堂吧 Lobby Bar
              The quiet and elegant lobby bar gathers famous wines and exquisite snacks. With a variety of cocktails that the professional bartenders delicately prepare for you, accompanied by a pot of aromatic and thick coffee or tea, you may enjoy the holiday fashion and classics while listening to romantic music.
              4.開元會議New Century Conference
              Our hotel owns the complete conference venues and facilities, the banquet halls of nearly 1,100 square meters, 8 meeting rooms of different sizes, and is equipped with modern and complete conference equipments; the professional "Conference Golden Key"  will provide you with quality service to help you accomplish various types of conference activities more easily.
              5.開元婚典 New Century Wedding Ceremony
              To stay with your loved one and create a hall of loyal wedding for the solemn commitment made to each other, the New Century Wedding Butler will provide you with one-stop service.
              6.康體俱樂部 Fitness Club
              Our hotel is equipped with indoor heated swimming pool, fitness center, table tennis room, billiards room, yoga room, chess and cards room, children's playground and other advanced recreational facilities, which have become a new landmark of city resort in Wuyuan combining the green and natural lake view.
              聯系人Contact:  宋召煥
              Add: No.8 Wengong North Road, Wuyuan County, Shangrao City, Jiangxi, China
              電話/Tel: (86-0793)-7315999
              網址/Website: http://www.kaiyuanhotels.com

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